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This blog, presented by the High-Tech department at Hamburger Evron & Co., provides a close review of one of the most fascinating fields of Israeli companies' activity overseas – the NASDAQ stock offerings.


This blog is aimed to assist and guide Israeli companies in preparing themselves to the IPO process and adopting the appropriate strategy, by learning from other companies' experience.


This fascinating blog, first of its kind in Israel, offers a rare inside look at the activity of Adv. Yaron Sobol, partner at Hamburger Evron & Co.. Yaron is the head of the Cyber & Technology department and a key figure in the Corporations, High-Tech and Bio-Tech practices at the firm. He regularly advises Israeli companies on their way to the IPO.


Enjoy your reading.

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The High-Tech Department

The High Tech and Life Sciences Department advises companies in all lifecycle stages, from as early as the initial business idea, through the company formation in its pre seed and seed levels, to the foundation of the company and the continuous legal services it requires. The department provides startup companies with legal advice throughout all research and development stages, handling both day-to-day matters and long term strategy.


Furthermore, the high tech department provides its clients with legal advice pertaining to initial public offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ exchange at all stages, with particular expertise in the biotechnology field.


The department’s attorneys are uniquely knowledgeable in the process of issuances, representing clients in both external and internal organizational processes. These include the initial decision to be traded in the stock exchange market, on to the dealing with various underwriters and compliance with regulatory criteria, and to obtaining the approval from the securities authorities. Post the IPO, the department continues to advise the company, providing it with legal advice tailored to its new publicly-traded status.

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